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Founded in 2020, Gutter Gorilla began as a passionate venture into the gutter industry, quickly evolving from a side hustle to a full-fledged business. Specializing in the installation, maintenance and repair of gutters, soffits, and fascia, we’re known for our meticulous workmanship, consistent communication, and friendly service. We take pride in offering comprehensive gutter solutions, ensuring each project meets our high standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

Essential Gutter Services Across Southern Ontario

Proudly serving London, Brantford, Kitchener, and the surrounding areas, Gutter Gorilla offers expert gutter solutions tailored to your needs.
Comprehensive removal and installation of new gutters, ensuring structural integrity and cleanliness.
Expert replacement of soffits and fascia, enhancing ventilation and protecting your home.
Thorough cleaning and inspection of gutters and downspouts to maintain system longevity.
Efficient repair services for damaged gutters, soffits, and fascia to prevent future issues.

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Discover the secrets of gutter, soffit, and fascia care with Gutter Gorilla’s Learning Hub. Dive into a world of expert tips and tricks to keep your home’s exterior in top shape!

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