Cleaning Gutters Benefits

Gutter cleaning, often on the bottom of the “To Do List” mowing the lawn cleaning, flower beds all the regular task every homeowner has often leave cleaning the gutters overlooked. Keeping your gutter/eavestrough clean is crucial.

Why should I clean my gutters?

Gutters/eavestrough are part of your roof system they collect water that sheds off your roof when it rains. The average roof sheds 1120 gallons per one inch of rainfall so keeping them clean and functioning is very important. Left unchecked this water and damage your landscape by overflowing, damage/rot your fascia boards, leak into or damage your foundation, and significantly reduce the life of your shingles. In some cases we have seen leaking into the home and damage to the drywall.

How often should I clean my gutters?

As most assume cleaning gutters in autumn is a good idea this is true, most common issue is dead leaves combined the fall rainfall creates a mat that covers and blocks water like a dam. Depending on the type of trees you have and the rate at which it sheds leaves you may need to clean them more than once during the fall season. Pine trees shed needles year round in this case it’s a good idea to inspect your gutters every three months. As a standard rule of thumb we recommend cleaning twice a year, in the fall and late spring.

Cost of buying gutter cleaning service.

DIY gutter cleaning is not for everyone, gutter cleaning isn’t super difficult depending on the style and height of your home but the risk of climbing ladders and fear of heights often leads to neglecting gutter cleaning and hiring a professional can be helpful. Our Gutter cleaning services start at 200$ for single storey and 275$ for two storey homes. feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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