How To Choose The Right Gutter Guard

Gutter guards or leaf guards are designed to prevent debris from blocking and plugging up your eavestrough. Do they work? Yes some much better than others. This post goes over the pros and cons of each to help you decide if it’s worth the investment for your home as well as what type you may want.

1. The Gutter Brush

The Gutter brush is a round brush that lays in an eavestrough and the idea is that water will freely flow and debris will be stopped by the brush. Yes it does work but there a few key things to know before buying. They a very simple to install and can be done by just about anyone with no tools.


• Easy to install no tools or professionals needed

• Cost effective.

• Easy to clean


• Only blocks larger debris

• Frequent cleaning recommended

• Not recommended for pine needles or fine debris

In conclusion on the Gutter brush. It’s a cheap way homeowners can keep large debris out without braking the bank and hiring someone. If you keep up with cleaning your eavestrough we’d say these are unnecessary and not enough value to offset the cons.

2. Mesh Gutter Guard

Just like it sounds it’s a mesh Guard made from either plastic or aluminum with small holes designed to drain water fast without allowing debris though. The installation is a little more complicated than the brush style but still pretty straight forward. They slip under the shingles and are screwed to the top of the Gutter or snap on the Gutter and screwed to the top. Install requires a drill, tin snips or cutting tool and just a touch of crafty hands.


Again Cost effective.

• little maintenance required

• hard pvc and aluminum are very durable

• Good warranties


• More difficult to install may require professional

• Cold weather can cause ice buildup

•  Heavy rain, steep roof, or metal roof may cause over splash

In conclusion these Gutter guards in our opinion are a great mid range guard that functions well and is capable of lasting a long time. Good buy in our book.

3. Continuous Hanger Leaf Guards

These Guards are my favorite and are ones I personally vouch for. These guard are aluminum and can only be installed with new gutters as they replace the Gutter Hanger brackets. They not only act as a guard keeping leaf’s out but they add strength to the Gutter, 3× more strength than standard Hanger brackets. Install is difficult and will require professional. Cost is also much higher but value is higher as well.


• lifetime warranty

• very durable

• Adds strength for harsh weather

• low maintenance

• metal roof friendly

• Many options from double layers for really fine debris


• Cost is than any other higher

• Only installs with new gutters

• requires professional installation

In conclusion on the continuous Hanger Gutter guards they are great for the right situation. If your gutters are worn out and ready to be replaced this is the go to. Cost is higher upfront but value is there for years to come. They are also very good for metal roof they add strength to help withstand snow buildup and ice. If you’d like more information don’t hesitate to give us a call we’d be happy to help guide you in the right direction.

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