Questions to ask before before hiring a siding company

Hiring a siding company or any contractor can be scary. There’s plenty of ways you can set yourself and your contractor up for success.

1. Ask for license and insurance

Any contractor should be able to show valid license and insurance this ensures you and your contractor are protected this is absolutely crucial and without it, it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

2. Set Expectations and Be Clear

The root of most bad experiences with siding companies is in the communication. Setting proper expectations helps you get peice of mind it also helps your contractor better understand your needs.

3. Make Sure They Are Experts.

Be sure to ask for past work and read reviews. Check to ensure they are experts in the type of project you plan on doing. “Jack of all trades master of non” type thing. The best usually offer 2 or 3 services and master them.

3. Warranties and Workmanship

Ask about warranties they vary between companies. You want to make sure your investment is covered for years to come. As well as the workmanship, ask who will be doing the work. Ask if it will be a subcontractor or an in-house crew. Either have pros and cons but it’s helpful to know.

The days of getting 7 estimates and picking the one in the middle are over. Your projects are personal and price shouldn’t be the only factor when hiring someone. So ask questions, review past work and you’ll be we’ll on your way to your dream siding! Hope this helps!

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