Soffit and Fascia Why Are They Important?

Soffits and fascia play an important role in protecting one’s home. Many assume they are simply finish trims meant to improve the look, this is true, but they serve a greater purpose. Let’s go over what they do, what they are, and how they help your home.

What is Fascia? Think of fascia as the trim around your roof, your gutters hang on the fascia. Fascia is usually a wood board covered in aluminum flashing, the aluminum protects the wood, and the wood supports your gutter system. 

What is Soffit? The word soffit comes from Italian meaning “to fasten below” soffit is the under side of your roofs overhang and is commonly found under porches and around the roof of your home. Vented aluminum is most common in Ontario but fiber cement, pvc, wood, and many options are available. 

Benefits of soffit. Vented soffit allows your roof to breath, this is super important. An inadequate ventilation causes a whole host of issues such as mold or mildew, rising energy bills, ice dams in the winter, roof sagging, and much more. When your roof can’t breathe properly it holds all the moisture (e.g. showers, cooking, laundry) and causes the mold. Proper venting allows the roof to regulate attic temperatures and will allow your roof to last longer and lower your energy bills. 

Benefits of fascia. Fascia provides the framework for all your soffits and your gutter system, all the soffit is fastened to it and it provides the structural integrity to uphold all the weight. Fascia can be covered in a whole host of different materials such as aluminum flashing, pvc, and fiber cement to suit any style, color, or taste you might have.    

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