Vinyl Siding Vertical or Horizontal?

Vertical or horizontal? We get this a lot! Let’s go over the pros and cons of both but first what’s the difference? Vertical or board and batten runs up and down often seen on commercial buildings and recently its becoming very popular. Horizontal is more traditional and runs you guessed it horizontally.

Board & Batten (vertical)

Boardand batten gives you a very modern look and can make smaller homes look larger. It’s very durable and if installed properly it shouldn’t buckle or oilcan. This look is definitely trending lately. That said it’s more expensive to purchase and more labor intensive due to it requiring furring strips. making it more expensive in general. About 1.65× the cost of horizontal.

Horizontal siding

Horizontal siding it the most common siding around. It works well in high winds and harsh weather. It’s easy to install making it the cheaper option. There are plenty of different profiles and colors to choose from. It can be more prone to leaking but with any siding if properly installed it will be durable.

When deciding what type to go with it can be overwhelming with so many styles and options. Choosing one or a bit of both can really change the curb appeal of your home. Keep in mind your budget and goals. Need help deciding give is a call.

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